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In 2004, I had become a student of the faculty of painting arts at Latvian Academy of Art. I was a student of LAA bachelor-level arts program in 2004 - 2008. In 2008 I held my diploma with a work that consisted of two oil paintings: "Meza" (In the forest) and "Pie juras" (at the sea); LAA director and artist Aleksejs Naumovs was supervising my degree project.

In 2008-2011 I have attended master study program at the department of figurative art. Got my master degree in 2011 with a work "Annas iedomu draugi" (Anna's imaginary friends) ranked the highest. I ought to appreciate gratefully my master degree supervisor Normunds Braslins for his support and coordination.

Alma Mater

In 2010, my long hoped-for thought came true: a solo exhibition of my paintings "Jutu atdzimsana" (The second birth of senses) was arranged at "Pegazs" gallery.

Personal exibition

In 2010, my paintings catalogue was published; Mara and Irina Vitols and art gallery "Pegazs" supported this project.


My parents had once noticed I was good at drawing, especially of sketching horses. That is how I had begun my studies at "Ridze" drawing studio led by the artist Peteris Goba. It happened in 1994.

Ridze arts school

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. Like any other girl, she liked horses. I was that girl. I attended horse-riding lessons; I had many toy-horses. One day my mom taught me the art of drawing horses, as she was great at that. Then and now I draw the horses of my dreams.

Early drawings

When I was the first-grader, I was dreaming of entering Janis Rozentals secondary art school. In 1995, I was attending preparatory courses and simultaneously had my private drawing studies with Inese Silina. In 1996, I had successfully passed the entrance examination.

I had studied at Janis Rozentals secondary art school since I was at the 6th grade. In 2004, I had successfully defended my graduation project "Inerce" (Inetrness); it took me a whole year to prepare it. Raimo Lielbriedis, the photographer, had helped me a lot; indeed, he was the supervisor of my diploma work. I got a photo-designer qualification at J.Rozentals school.


Being a post-graduate, I realized I could not imagine my life without a brush; I felt obsessed with painting. In addition to art studies at school, I had attended preparation lessons arranged by Latvian Academy of Art. LAA professor and artist Ivars Heindrihsons taught me; he likes drawing horses too, just like me when I was a kid.

Dom Fotografii

In 2006, via LAA intermediary, I got a wonderful opportunity to study abroad through Erasmus / Socraties program. I went to Palermo Arts Academy in Italy to discover the appeal of ornaments and fine patterns.

Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo

In the 2013 I illustrated "Jonathan the book" - the first Latvian interactive book for Apple iPad. It is available for sale at Apple App Store, please click on the icon to find out more.
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